Success Stories

These are the success stories – of breakthroughs, innovations, collaborations and the people we serve.

“I've been a technician for 10 years. Thanks to my wife's drive and motivation I decided to enroll for the computer courses in SENSE which has assisted me in terms of career advancement.

I was promoted to senior technician in my line of work and the necessary skills enabled me to help plan and achieve a smoother workflow. I’m all in for skills upgrading! You should too!”

Mohamed Faizal Mohamed Affandi, 32, Senior Technician

“I felt that my children needed me more." After 10 years of working as an Accounts Executive, Ms Chai Hun left her job to sort out her priorities. The passing of her two employers and grandmother within a year made her realise how fragile life is.

Since then, she occupies her time taking up courses because she believes that there's no finishing line to learning. "You got to always be open, be ready and stay positive!”

Ms Yap Chai Hun, 37

“I've been a trainer since 2005 and personally, I love to see others progress from training and skills upgrading. Especially the silver generation, they should not be afraid to take that step to upgrade themselves. Perhaps, we need to engage and guide them towards taking this step.

I was afraid to take that step too, but if I didn't embark on training, I would now still be a production supervisor, which isn't as fulfilling.”

Haiyub Kadir, 51, Trainer

“Leadership and People Management Level 4 is a good training opportunity for those who want to upgrade themselves, in terms of managing people.

The trainers were good, helpful, and shared a lot of information with us and inculcated in us important attitudes that will help us excel in the workplace.”

Noor Khairah Binte Asmat, 35

“During the Empowoment Back-to-Work Women programme, we went through various courses offered by SENSE. I learnt how to handle customers better, on top of many other things I've learnt from the courses.

This really changed the way I approached my sewing business. I used to run my business without direction or knowledge of customer relations, but I’m now more equipped with even paperwork skills.”

Norzaikha, 37, Entrepreneur

“My mindset towards life took a better turn ever since I took the course. Besides being more focused at work, I’m ever ready to take on challenging tasks.”

Ms Gloria, 49, Graduate Leadership & People Management WSQ

“I have always thought that demonstrating leadership qualities at work is rather challenging but after taking up the course with SENSE, It has facilitated my growth in a positive manner at work”

Mdm Kalliselvi, 56, Graduate of WSQ Leadership & People Management

“People change as they grow older. I did too, and thanks to you, I changed for the better.”

Ms Nasyita, 19, Project SPARK Participant

“I remember touching the computer at age 45. That was 20 years ago!" Mr Francis said as he recalls how different today's job market is compared to two decades ago. The former Project Manager used to do manual drafting for designs. Back then, the challenges were the configuration & presentation of the manual drafts. "Now, just key everything in & it becomes 3D!" he added with a laugh. Francis said that he is willing to be a mentor to train the younger generation to keep himself in the job market.”

Mr Francis Tay, 63

“For 6 years, I was an IT support with mainly, a technical background. I enjoyed my job as I helped colleagues solve their tech queries. However, I felt that I should be doing more than just that. So, I went to Mendaki SENSE to upgrade my Microsoft Office skills. Now, I'm in the education sector as an ICT Executive training students on computer applications. I love my job!”

Dzahri Dzulkifly, 34, ICT Executive
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