MENDAKI Tuition Programme

MENDAKI Tuition Scheme goes beyond providing quality tuition at affordable rates. Working closely with Yayasan MENDAKI, together with a pool of committed and qualified tutors, we believe in making learning purposeful and enriching for the young ones.

MENDAKI Tuition Programme

About Programme

MENDAKI Tuition Scheme (MTS)

  • For students from Primary 1 to Secondary 5 (Malay/Muslim students only)
  • Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Residents
  • For students who are studying in full-time local government or government-aided schools and madrasahs
  • Student must have obtained 75 marks and below in at least one of the tuition subject for Semestral Assessment 2 2015
  • 32 sessions of 1½ hours per subject for one academic year from January to October
  • Usually on Saturdays, either in the morning or afternoon
  • 15-minute break between 2 consecutive 1½ hour sessions
  • Applicants must meet an income criteria to be eligible for fee waivers

Primary School

  • Open to students from Primary 1 to Primary 6
  • For English, Mathematics and Science


  • January to October


  • P1 to P4: $135 per year
  • P5 to P6: $155 per year

Secondary School

  • Open to students from Secondary 1 to Secondary 5
  • For English, Mathematics and Combined Science (Physics and Chemistry)


  • January to October


  • Sec 1 to Sec 2: $185 per year
  • Sec 3 to Sec 5: $210 per year

Curriculum Materials

  • All curriculum materials have been customised in accordance to MOE’s syllabi as well as tailor-made to suit the profile of MTS students
  • Training is conducted for curriculum usage so that tutors can maximise the use of the customised materials
  • Tutors also are encouraged to and regularly use additional teaching aids wherever necessary to enhance their teaching

Parent-Tutor Meetings (PTM)
Our PTM is conducted at least once every year. It is a platform for tutors to provide constructive feedback on their students’ progress to their parents.

For More Information
Interested parents can contact Yayasan MENDAKI at 6245 5555.
For more information on MTS, please visit http://mts.mendaki.org.sg.
For online registrations please visit http://oprs.mendaki.org.sg.

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