ACE IT! Career Advisory

ACE IT! Career Advisory provides career guidance and training consultation for professionals and job seekers to realise their potential, and grow their career.

ACE IT! Career Advisory

Launched in Oct 2019, ACE IT! Career Advisory aims to provide career guidance and training consultation for both job seekers and professionals, based on the Skills Framework rolled out by SSG. Our career advisory service provides step-by-step guidance for individuals to chart their career and training pathways.

ACE IT is an acronym representing:

A – Assess   C – Create Awareness   E – Evaluate    I – Implement    T – Track

Apart from career guidance, our Career Advisors also help to identify suitable training programmes and facilitate job opportunities. Your career and development needs are customised, such that it would be aligned with your career vision and build your professional skills.

Access to Job & Upskilling Opportunities
Our ACE IT! Framework helps you to uncover job and upskilling opportunities through our connections of employers as well as employability and training partners

Tracking of Goals & Actions
We will assist you to set career goals and support you to take action to pursue those goals. You would have opportunities to upskill, make changes in your current job, or explore new job options

Guidance from our Career Advisors
Our Career Advisors will guide you to navigate your career & professional development journey

Other Forms of Assistance
Being a social enterprise, we will connect you with relevant community and social service partners for other forms of assistance (financial, child education etc) whilst you embark on your job search and upskilling journey

If you would like to e-meet SENSE Career Advisors for Career Advisory & Guidance or Training Consultation, do register online at Our Career Advisor will be in touch with you.

Alternatively, in light of this Circuit Breaker period, you can also call our helpline @ 6330 3000 to request for a session with our Career Advisors.

Other Resources

Stay tuned for details of our Career Fair on our Facebook Page

Our Career Helpline Tel 6330 3000  focuses on employment and training enquiries which is managed by our Helpline Officers.Each call is allocated within the timeframe of 10-15 mins.

For enquiries on employment matters, our Helpline Officers will refer you to our SENSE Career Advisors within 1 to 3 working days. You will attend our e-session with our Career Advisors for further advice and consultation.


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