The NEU PC Plus Programme offers students and persons with disabilities from low income households the opportunity to own a brand new computer at an affordable price.

The programme provides the following schemes:

PC-Bundle Scheme
This scheme provides two tier subsidy for applicants to own a new computer with free software and three years of free subscription to broadband services.
To apply, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  1. Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
  2. Has a permanent disability OR is a full-time student in a Government/Goverment-Aided School, Junior College, Centralised Institute, Independant School, Specialised Independant School, Specialised School, Institute of Technical Education, Polytechnic or MOE-funded Special Education School
  3. The gross monthly household income or per capita income does not exceed $3,400 or $900 ($1,125 if there is a permanently disabled household member) respectively

Inspire Fund Scheme
This scheme offers financial assistance to full-time students (aged 25 years and below) who are unable to co-pay for the computer applied under the PC-Bundle scheme. Gross monthly household income or per capita monthly income must not exceed $2,500 or $700 respectively.

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