#JUMPwithSENSE Career Fair – 12 & 13 Oct 2018

The concept of “JUMP” represents mobility, agility, and being in motion; not at a standstill. Though the ‘jumping’ movement itself has its high and low points, there is progression with moving ahead and transitioning with every ‘jump’ made.

Through the JUMP campaign, SENSE aims to reach out to the community to raise awareness on the need to be in constant motion, and actively seek out lifelong learning and personal development opportunities, which support their journey towards employment or returning to the workforce.

The JUMP campaign encompasses four sub-themes; JUMP Start, JUMP Across, JUMP Ahead and JUMP Together. The respective sub-themes aim to address different areas of need.

  • JUMP Start targets those who wants to kick start their career for the first time, those who have been out of job, or those who are returning to the workforce.
  • JUMP Across aims to help individuals who wish to make a career switch and explore new industries.
  • JUMP Ahead is intended for those who wants upskill and further their careers.
  • JUMP Together targets families or friends who enjoy spending time together.

Through the different sub-themes, SENSE will tailor activities and programmes suited to the needs of target groups, to assist them in their journey of personal growth and development and/or search for employment.

For this upcoming Career Fair, we have gotten employers from the different growth sectors to come on board – mainly accountancy, healthcare, food and beverage, early education and logistics. There are more than 1,000 vacancies available during the two-day Career Fair!

Available Positions include:

  • Web Developer
  • Security Engineer
  • Accountant
  • Healthcare Attendant
  • Technician
  • Warehouse Assistant
  • Sales Associate
  • Infant Care Teacher
  • Forklift Driver
  • Customer Service Officer
  • Call Centre Agent


To access the full job listing, please click here.

We will also be conducting the fourth run of our Speed Date My Profession series, especially for the tertiary students who are aspiring to be Professionals, Managers, Executives, and Technicians (PMETs). As students begin to plan the next path of their life upon graduation, this session will be able to provide them useful information in pursuing and following their passion and landing the job they want or even to be out of their comfort zone and expose themselves to learn and experience new opportunities. Our facilitators from different backgrounds will be able to share insights on intense competition in both education and the job market. Limited seats are available! Register now!

There are other informational and interactive booths available during the fair! Find out for yourself how emerging technologies such as virtual reality and 3D pen are shaping how we live, learn, work and play!

Grab the chance to win attractive prizes during the fair! Don’t miss it!

Programme-of-the-Day (12 October 2018, Friday)

10.00AM          Pre-registration for Career Fair

10.30AM          Commencement of JUMP! Career Fair

5.30PM           End of  JUMP! Career Fair

Programme-of-the-Day (13 October 2018, Saturday)

10.00AM          Pre-registration for Career Fair

10.30AM          Commencement of JUMP! Career Fair

12.00PM          ZUMBA

1.00PM            End of ZUMBA / Sharing session by MENDAKI SENSE

1.30PM            Sharing session by ePM

2.15PM            Speed Date My Profession Series – What’s Next For Me?

3.00PM           Arrival of Guest-of-Honour

Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman  

Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Defence & Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mayor, South East CDC

5.30PM         End of JUMP! Career Fair


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