Diploma in Service Management

Diploma in Service Management

Service is the key to success in every organisation, and the key to your career success is your ability to manage and deliver quality service. Service Management focuses on fulfilling the needs and expectations of customers. Managers must possess relevant knowledge such as business & financial management abilities, human development & relationship skills, and communication & information technology knowledge to excel in their careers.

Arm yourself with our Diploma in Service Management to advance your career in any industry. This programme will prepare graduates to work with  emerging  profit and non-profit service sector companies,  organisations and agencies. Upon completion of all the modules, graduates  will be fully-certified to effectively and efficiently manage the design, development and delivery of services.

Learning Objectives

  • The combination of course work encompasses humanities, sciences, arts, and service specialization subjects. It forms a key part of an educational plan that nurtures graduates to live, think, and work creatively.
  • The service skills and knowledge imparted in the modules are applicable in any industry.
  • Provides an understanding of customer’s attributes, cultures, and psychology to deliver and manage services to a diverse audience.
  • Get quality knowledge from our Resident lecturers in Singapore who are both in the academics as well as industry practitioners.


  • There are 16 modules (core) offered by CSM Academy International Pte Ltd (CSM).
  • The core CSM modules are modelled after the broad-based American education system.


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