Certificate in Aged Care Work

Certificate in Aged Care Work

The Certificate III in Aged Care introduces trainees to new insights into the process of growing old, helping you replace the stereotypical thinking about ageing with a positive view of ageing gracefully. Be equipped with the skills to handle the social, physical and psychological well-being of the elderly.

Upon successful completion of all the modules, trainees will be able to carry out activities related to the maintenance of the elderly’s health, providing personal care and supporting them to engage in activities of daily living. With this certification, trainees can look into career opportunities in Aged Care, including as a Care Worker, Nursing Assistant, or Community House Worker.

There are a total of 15 modules in this programme – one elective module offered by MENDAKI SENSE and 14 modules (core) offered by CSM Academy International Pte Ltd (CSM).

Overall, there are 626 training hours, comprising of 16 training hours by SENSE and 610 training hours by CSM.

Trainees have the option to enroll for full-time: 6 months (5-hour lessons/day, 5 days/ week) or part-time: 12 months (3-hour lessons/day, 3 days/week) training.

*May be subject to change

The elective module is offered by SENSE. The 2-day course provides participants with EQ-based competency skills as part of their work competency.

Learning Objectives

  • Assess emotional states of team members and respond appropriately to emotional cues, taking into consideration the different cultures and background of team members.
  • Encourage team members to develop their own emotional intelligence to build positive relationship with one another to achieve team goals.
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