Success Stories

These are the success stories – of breakthroughs, innovations, collaborations and the people we serve.

“I have always thought that demonstrating leadership qualities at work is rather challenging but after taking up the course with SENSE, It has facilitated my growth in a positive manner at work”

Mdm Kalliselvi, 56 , Graduate of WSQ Leadership & People Management

"I felt that my children needed me more.” After 10 years of working as an Accounts Executive, Ms Chai Hun left her job to sort out her priorities. The passing of her two employers and grandmother within a year made her realise how fragile life is. Since then, she occupies her time taking up courses because she believes that there’s no finishing line to learning. “You got to always be open, be ready and stay positive!”  

Ms Yap Chai Hun, 37

“Tutoring in MENDAKI has provided me with meaningful activities, opportunities for interaction with others, some income. MENDAKI has expanded to become a premier organisation due to massive improvements in management, facilities and general support from the community.”


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