Success Stories

These are the success stories – of breakthroughs, innovations, collaborations and the people we serve.

“People change as they grow older. I did too, and thanks to you, I changed for the better.”

Ms Nasyita, 19 , Project SPARK Participant

“My mindset towards life took a better turn ever since I took the course. Besides being more focused at work, I'm ever ready to take on challenging tasks.”

Ms Gloria, 49 , Graduate Leadership & People Management WSQ

" I remember touching the computer at age 45. That was 20 years ago!” Mr Francis said as he recalls how different today’s job market is compared to two decades ago. The former Project Manager used to do manual drafting for designs. Back then, the challenges were the configuration & presentation of the manual drafts. "Now, just key everything in & it becomes 3D!” he added with a laugh. Francis said that he is willing to be a mentor to train the younger generation to keep himself in the job market. "

Mr Francis Tay, 63

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